Salaam Shalom is dedicated to building bridges between Muslim and Jewish communities and the wider communities that they are part of.

Through different techniques of dialogue, education, media and the creative arts; we develop awareness and understanding of the diverse cultures and identities that shape the City. Led by Muslims and Jews, we aim to be a catalyst for positive social change for all communities in and around Bristol.

Our aims are to:-

  • Build bridges between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Bristol and the South-West- and between them and the communities that they are a part of.
  • Prevent prejudice and discriminatory behaviour based on ignorance of others’ faith and culture
  • Use media and the arts as a tool for positive social change, empowering people of all ages, and in particular young people, to bring about the changes they want to see.
  • Engage members of the community through outreach activities

Our current objectives are to:-

  • Deliver Proud2B projects (for children 9-11 yrs)
  • Develop Resistance project (for children 13-16 yrs)
  • Support Volunteers- providing and sourcing opportunities and training
  • Deliver outreach activities (e.g. Mediating Conflict workshops, Rap for Social Change workshops, exhibitions/events)

Achieving Dialogue:

Our aims include building relations between Muslims, Jews, as well as the wider communities that they are part of. To build relations between these communities, we use topics of shared interest to provoke discussions that reveal shared experiences, ideology, aspirations, values and fears. Through finding common ground, we hope to foster positive intercommunity relations and by building these relations it is possible to tackle more contentious issues constructively.

Another point to this is challenging stereotypes and misconceptions. It is important that we provide people with an opportunity not only to share their religious and cultural identity, but to also defy prejudice, by representing themselves as members of wider society and as individuals.

Salaam Shalom began as an online Radio station; now we are engaging more broadly with our communities, through different forms of outreach projects and activities. Photography, creative writing, drama, debate and film are some of the mediums we are using, along with continuing to produce podcasts.

Through dialogue & education sessions, broadcast media & the creative arts, Salaam Shalom aims to assist young people & people of all ages to develop awareness of their own culture & identity, alongside understanding the culture & identity of others; doing so primarily between Muslim & Jewish communities, but also between them & communities that they are a part of.

We aim to further understanding between communities so that we can help counter & prevent the development of prejudice & intolerance, which can lead to discrimination & hate-crime.

Can you support us?

Salaam Shalom needs funding to be able to continue its work. We are a small charity and are grateful for any donation you may be able to give. Donate Online

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