How We’ve Developed

Since starting as an online radio station, Salaam Shalom has developed a new emphasis on outreach work. The range of projects and activities we are delivering and planning to deliver reflect the diverse approaches necessary to engage with people from various communities and age groups.

Projects are not dependent on people with a shared ethos and interest in media coming to our studio; rather we are taking our ethos and skills into the community. We welcome and encourage volunteers to use our studio facilities, where we continue to offer free training.

Radio Salaam Shalom launched in February 2006, as the UK’s first Muslim-Jewish broadcast project, inviting people from both communities to celebrate, debate and share the events, issues and faith that shape their daily lives.

The project launched with technical support from Bristol Community FM ( and was granted start-up funding by the UK Home Office Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund, the Clore Duffield Foundation and the Community Development Foundation.

Our first live on-air broadcast was on 1st February 2007, broadcast online via our Radio Streaming player.

In 2008, Salaam Shalom Media was selected as a media partner for the UK events of the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue and were also chosen as an example of Best Practice by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. In addition to being selected as a project of special significance by the UK Government Office (South West), Salaam Shalom Media was chosen as one of Europe’s top 30 examples of Media Diversity for a 2009 EU study.


Global Media Coverage on Television and Radio

Salaam Shalom Media, have received global media coverage and been the subject of special features on many of the world’s biggest broadcast networks, including NHK (Japan), RAI2 (Italy), BBC WORLD, BBCTV, CBC (Canada), CHANNEL 4 (UK), TRIPLE J (Australia), PRESS TV (Iran) and AL JAZEERA ENGLISH.

Podcast Series Available Via iTunes

In mid-2008, we changed the way we did things. Moving from music-based live shows, to fortnightly Jewish-Muslim talk-focused podcasts. This allows people to download shows (using iTunes, for example) and listen on a range of players, from mobile phones to iPods and mp3 players – rather than having to listen live at your computer.



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