We Aim To:

  • Build bridges between communities, particularly Muslim and Jewish communities in the UK.
  • Prevent conflict and discrimination between minority and marginalised groups
  • Use media and the arts as a tool for positive social change

In 2006 Salaam Shalom was founded on the premise that, by enabling greater familiarity and understanding between people of different faiths and cultures, fears and myths are dispelled, resulting in a more tolerant, socially cohesive society. We continue to be driven by the belief that encouraging dialogue between different communities is a fundamental building block in this process.

Our current objectives are;

  • Promoting positive relations between Muslim and Jewish communities by bringing communities together through sharing arts and culture, enabling ‘organic’ dialogue.
  • Working with children and young people to prevent prejudice and discriminatory behavior based on ignorance of others’ faith and culture.
  • Helping children value the diversity of the society and community in which they live.
  • Providing safe spaces for dialogue between British Muslims, Jews and wider communities, on topics of shared interest and concern.

And our current activities are;

  • Salaam Shalom Arts Festival 2016
  • Proud2B project (for children 9-11 yrs) (regionally)
  • Resistance project (for young people 14-19 yrs) (locally- nationally)
  • Discussion and topical debate events
  • Verbatim Theatre Project (2016)

Salaam Shalom has been funded by The Arts Council 2015-16, The Tudor Trust 2010-15. And has also been supported by many other donors since it began in 2006, including The Merchant Venturers, The Edith Maud Ellis Charitable Trust, Comic Relief, the Police Commissioner, Bristol City Council Development, Bristol City Council Community Cohesion, local community partnership funding, The Rayne Foundation, The Clore Duffield Foundation, The Home Office and others.

Salaam Shalom needs support to continue its work. Despite the generosity of the above sponsors, Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.

Achieving Dialogue:

Our aims include building relations between Muslims, Jews, as well as the wider communities that they are part of. To build relations between these communities, we use topics of shared interest to provoke discussions that reveal shared experiences, ideology, aspirations, values and fears.

Through finding common ground, we hope to foster positive inter-community relations and by building these relations it is possible to tackle more contentious issues constructively.

Another point to this is challenging stereotypes and misconceptions. It is important that we provide people with an opportunity not only to share their religious and cultural identity, but to also defy pigeonholing, by representing themselves as members of wider society and as individuals.

Salaam Shalom began as an online Radio station; now we are engaging more broadly with our communities, through different forms of outreach projects and activities. Photography, creative writing, drama, debate and film are some of the mediums we are using, along with continuing to produce podcasts.



Why isn’t Salaam Shalom issuing statements in the media with regard to actions in the Middle-East?

Why isn’t Salaam Shalom campaigning?

Which ‘side’ does Salaam Shalom support?

  • Salaam Shalom aims to build bridges between British Muslims and Jews. Actions in the middle-east impact on tensions between these communities in the UK. Our supporters value and respect that Salaam Shalom does not take political sides because it is not a campaign group. Salaam Shalom’s supporters believe our role should remain neutral as it always has been. That being said, Salaam Shalom stands for the principles of peace, tolerance and understanding.
  • When there has been escalation of conflict in the middle-east, the outcome of our local consultations has been that the ongoing activities of Salaam Shalom are what is needed.
  • We are not a political organisation. Every supporter and representative of Salaam Shalom is entitled to their own point of view – and their points of view vary.
  • Muslim and Jewish communities are often under spot-light in the media around the world. Rather than invest time joining the global media frenzy, we are careful to focus on our core projects, because we feel the approach of these projects will bring about lasting influence and longer term impact, in the hearts and minds of the people we work with. The majority of Salaam Shalom supporters share the view that times of heightened tension are not the most productive to bring about understanding through dialogue. Most agree that long-term impact is better realised through on-going activities that bring the communities together before, during and after periods of critical tension.

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