Young People’s Festival of Ideas


IMG_0828A series of events looking at critical issues affecting young people today. FREE for Under 25’s (£5 full / £3 conc. for 25+)

Salaam Shalom young people work in partnership with Arnolfini and Bristol Festival of Ideas, to bring you an annual series of hard hitting talks and debates on issues that matter to young people! This highly popular project is inspired by Bristol Festival of Ideas, with a focus on participation from the audience.

27th May 2015
Racism ‘I’m not Racist but…’
This event will explore the greyscale of racism and how it affects the lives of young people today:
Do you feel Bristol is an inclusive city?
What makes us prejudice?
What does racism mean to you?
Are we inherently racist?
How do events in media affect people’s racial prejudice?


11th March 2015
The Suppressed Majority?
This event will explore the topic of masculinity. What is masculinity? What does it mean to be a modern man? Should gender define us? Is modern masculinity a problem? And where does masculinity fit within the feminism movement?
Speakers include Nikesh Shukla and Natalie Jester and they will be joined by two young people, Dan Squire and Flo Yapp.
The event is chaired by Shawn Sobers.

7th May 2014
The Army Wants You, But Do You Want It?
Is the way the forces market themselves accurate and morally right? And is it about fighting wars, serving your country or just getting a job?
The panel included James Wharton, author of ‘Out in the Army’ who will talk about what it was like to be a gay soldier coming out in the Armed Forces (@jameswharton). Becky Mead, #YoungArnolfini member, will share her experience of being the partner of someone serving in the Forces. Plus, Lieutenant Colonel Ben Tomkins who has been a regular officer for 25 years. For the past 2, he has been the Commanding Officer of Bristol’s Officer Training Corps, charged with developing university undergraduates to be future leaders.

22nd January 2014
Class and Education:
‘Is there a class divide across the education system and, if so, what is its impact?’
‘Is it necessary to go to university in order to succeed in life?’
‘Does class and how you present yourself influence how seriously you’re taken in the education system?’
With our current political leaders all coming from a very distinct educational route, we ask if the school you go to decides your future? What use is going to University if you can’t go to either Oxford or Cambridge? Is Education widening the class divide?

20th November 2013
The Power of Social Media: .

As people’s behaviour on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook makes the news headlines we must ask if technology is making us less human? Should we always protect anonymity at all costs? Why can’t people just be nicer to each other? And with a minority of people actually controlling how we communicate with each other online, who really has power over the internet?

6th November 2013
Pornography & The Public







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