Salaam Shalom Dialogue

DIALOGUELOGORepresentatives from Muslim, Jewish and other communties have taken part in workshops which aim to create ‘safe spaces’ enabling community members to have dialogue on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

The aim of these workshops is to foster understanding to prevent the escalation of tensions; creating safe spaces to tackle contentious issues that can hinder more contructive relationships between Muslims and Jews in the UK. Salaam Shalom developed these workshops in partnership with Bristol City Council Community Cohesion in 2012, where a Muslim-Jewish steering group identified the need for safe spaces for this dialogue.


‘I took away knowing that people are entitled to different opinions, but we need to learn to accept them before we can attempt to establish a solution’

‘I took away knowing that given a context and rules to engage, people can strike a balance to discuss delicate issues without offending each other.’



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