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Disclaimer: The views expressed within all media are that of individuals and do not necessarily represent the views of Salaam Shalom, representatives or associates.

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  • Part 2 Social Media Debate: Audience Discussion Young People’s Festival of Ideas January 17, 2014
    One of a series of debates on issues important to young people. Events produced as a collaboration between the Salaam Shalom Youth Council and Young Arnolfini, in partnership with Bristol Festival of Ideas.   Continue reading
  • Social Media Debate Young People’s Festival of Ideas Part1 The Panel January 17, 2014
    One of a series of debates on issues important to young people. Events produced as a collaboration between the Salaam Shalom Youth Council and Young Arnolfini, in partnership with Bristol Festival of Ideas. Continue reading
  • Porn and Young People: Debate + Discussion Young People’s Festival of Ideas January 16, 2014
    One in a series of events organised by Salaam Shalom Youth Council in collaboration with Young Arnolifni, in partership with Bristol Festival of Ideas. Providing a platform to discuss issues young people want to debate. Continue reading
  • Journey of The Heart Podcast July 31, 2012
    Journey of The Heart was an event run in collaboration with Bristol Museums. Listen to this Podcast to find out more about the learning that took place throughout the event, as Muslims were given the opportunity to share their culture and beliefs with others. The event was sponsored by the… Continue reading
  • The Portrayal of Islam by Gaby Pears July 20, 2012
    Gaby Pears discusses the issue of Islamophobia in Britain; Gaby speaks to young people in Bristol and some of those who attended the protest that was held by Bristol Multi Faith Forum as a counter to the demonstration by the EDL. The podcast addresses the portrayal of Islam in the… Continue reading
  • Interview with David Herman & Sarah MacDougall about Josef Herman Exhibition July 11, 2012
    Martin Vegoda interviews David Herman & Sarah MacDougall, curators of the significant Josef Herman exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy July 2012 The interview was held during their journey back to London.   Continue reading
  • David Goldberg Interview This is not the way: Jews, Judaism & the state of Israel May 16, 2012
    Martin Vegoda and Shabana Kausar interview David Goldberg, following his talk ‘This is not the way: Jews, Judaism and the state of Israel’ held as part of the Festival of Ideas 24/04/2012 Watershed Bristol. Disclaimer: The views expressed within all media are that of individuals and do not necessarily represent… Continue reading
  • Hosting Future Maldivian Leaders March 28, 2012
    In March 2012, Salaam Shalom were chosen and engaged in a Foreign Commonwealth Office and Young Muslim Advisory Group project, where we hosted an international exchange of future Maldivian leaders. Press Play to listen to highlights from our discussions! Disclaimer: The views expressed within all media are that of individuals… Continue reading
  • Contemporary Arabic Poetry- Elizabeth Gold March 13, 2012
    Elizabeth Gold interviews Ryan Van Winkle, Press play to find out more about Reel Festivals and Contemporary Arabic Poetry! Continue reading
  • Islam Ain’t That Scary January 18, 2012
    Shamil Ahmed, Nawaaz Hussein + Zed Productions Came into Salaam Shalom for an interview about their Film, ‘Islam Ain’t That Scary’ Continue reading
  • Interview with Steven Greer in response to lecture ‘Have Muslims become a ‘suspect community’ in post-9/11 Britain?’ September 1, 2011
    Corinne Avery (volunteer) interviews Steven Greer, Professor of Human Rights at the University of Bristol, following a public  lecture given at The Watershed titled ‘Have Muslims become a  ‘suspect community‘ in post-9/11 Britain?’ To learn more about Steven Greer you can read his profile: University of Bristol Continue reading
  • Gefilte Fish by Elizabeth Gold August 3, 2011
    The Gefilte Fish Line In her first podcast for Salaam Shalom Media – Elizabeth Gold presents “Radio City”, a audio series that examines Jewish and Muslim culture, arts and life. Gefilte fish, gefilte fish, what for art though, gefilte fish ? In this episode of “Radio City”, Elizabeth Gold explores… Continue reading
  • Sakib and Jony Debate: Is There A True Islamic or Jewish State? April 18, 2011
    Sakib from the University of Bristol Islamic Society and Jony from the University of Bristol Jewish Society came into the studio to debate ‘Is There A True Islamic or Jewish State?’ Continue reading
  • Zahir Interviews Easton Cowboys/girls & The Villages Group March 16, 2011
    Manager of Salaam Shalom Media, Zahir Malik interviews Vanessa Gonzales and Tom from the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls, and also interviews Palestinian Hamed Qawasme and Israeli Irelia from The Villages Group February 2011 Continue reading
  • Bristol Multi-faith Forum March 2011 March 16, 2011
    Continue reading
  • ‘Sharia: Solution for Mankind’ by Abdullah Al-Andalusi March 9, 2011
    A talk given by Abdullah Al-Andalusi, held at The University of Bristol 13th February 2011 as part of ‘Discover Islam’ Week. Continue reading
  • ‘The Champion of Equality’ by Amra Bone March 9, 2011
    The Champion of Equality was a talk given by Amra Bone, held at The University of Bristol, 16th February 2011 as part of ‘Discover Islam’ Week. Continue reading
  • ‘Coexistence Under Islam’ by Adnan Rashid February 28, 2011
    ‘Coexistence Under Islam’ was a talk by Adnan Rashid, given at the University of Bristol as part of ‘Discover Islam’ week, held 15/02/2011 Continue reading
  • Podcast: BBC Radio 4 Documentary December 23, 2010
    In this Podcast, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 – Gerry Northam reports from Radio Salaam Shalom, here he talks to it’s volunteers and hears about how this unique online radio station launched in Bristol in February 2007. In this 30 minute documentary, he explores the reasons behind this unique… Continue reading
  • Podcast: Hosseinieh Foundation December 9, 2010
    The Hosseinieh Foundation – is the only Shia Mosque which represents the Shia Muslim community in Bristol, UK. Situated in a former Church the Mosque only opens for prayer on a Friday lunchtime but is used by the Shia community at weekends for a wide variety of social events. The… Continue reading
  • Podcast: Mitzvah Day (Part 2) November 21, 2010
    Mitzvah Day (Part 2) episode recorded at BCFM Radio in Bristol. Continue reading
  • Podcast: Mitzvah Day (Part1) November 21, 2010
    Mitzvah Day (Part 1) episode recorded at BCFM Radio in Bristol. Continue reading
  • Podcast 30: The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, USA July 22, 2010
    Interview Background In January 2010, Sam Downie (Volunteer Producer/Assistant Station manager) took a vacation to San Francisco, USA to visit friends and company’s in Silicon Valley. During his visit, Sam had the opportunity in meeting with the CEO of The Contemporary Jewish Museum in the city. Listen to this exclusive… Continue reading
  • Podcast 28: Roots of Hatred “The Blood Libel” [part3] May 6, 2010
    This is the 3rd episode of our Roots of Hatred series, and is titled “The Blood Libel”. Hear from volunteer presenters Valerie Emmott, Danyal Laskar and Madge Dresser, as they continue their series on Radio Salaam Shalom. With the recent rise of the far-right in the UK and European elections,… Continue reading
  • Podcast 27: CEJI podcast from Brussels December 15, 2009
    RADIO SALAAM SHALOM RECENTLY MADE ITS FIRST LIVE BROADCAST FROM MAINLAND EUROPE Presenters Carolyn Clitheroe and Danyal Laskar joined Jewish and Muslim participants from across Europe in a special live webcast from Brussels. It was the venue for a CEJI Seminar on Confronting Antisemitism and Islamophobia Through Media Literacy. Jewish… Continue reading
  • Podcast 26: Fond Jewish memories of life in Arab lands. December 10, 2009
    75 year- old Alica Shapira recently visited Bristol from Israel and was invited to visit the studios of Radio Salaam Shalom. In this ‘enhanced’ interview, listen as she tells us about life in Casablanca in the late thirties and forties through the eyes of a Jewish child. Alica Shapira’s story… Continue reading
  • PODCAST 25 – INCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FEATURE: Interview with Ron Prosor December 10, 2009
    WE TALK TO RON PROSOR, ISRAEL’S AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED KINGDOM. In the latest of our “Inclusive Exclusive” features, four of our Jewish and Muslim team were given an exclusive opportunity to spend time with a high-profile personality whose work puts him on the Jewish/Muslim radar. Ambassador Prosor was in… Continue reading
  • Podcast 24: Muslim Women as Peacemakers November 26, 2009
    This is the second in the ‘Women in Islam’ series hosted by Majida Khan. This podcast brings to light three stories of Muslim women, who keep their faith and femininity fully intact while carrying out dynamic peacemaking initiatives on numerous levels – international, national, community and even at home. Meet… Continue reading
  • Podcast 23: The Abraham Nexus Show – FINALE! October 8, 2009
    Since our launch in early 2007, the co-hosting team of Javid Latif and Tal Lesham have been an integral part of our Muslim-Jewish programmes. Anyone listening to their show “The Abraham Nexus” would know that their conversations revealed a growing mutual respect for and awareness of their own – and… Continue reading
  • Podcast 22: Urgent Actions and Dangerous Dynamics September 17, 2009
    Yahav Zohar, an Israeli activist from Jerusalem, came into the Radio Salaam Shalom studio to tell us about the actions he takes to help bring about an end to the occupation. Yahav Zohar goes on demonstrations against the separation fence and land appropriations, volunteers with Rabbis for Human Rights accompanying… Continue reading
  • Podcast 21: Roots of Hatred – Part 2 August 13, 2009
    In the latest of our ‘Roots of Hatred’ series, RSS presenters Valerie Emmott, Danyal Laskar and Madge Dresser continue their look at some small starts to big problems. With the recent rise of the far-right in the UK and European elections, what’s the uneasy balance between democracy, free speech and… Continue reading
  • Podcast 20: Climate Change with Lisa and Shabana July 20, 2009
    This podcast is presented by volunteers Lisa Saffron and Shabana Kausur, who are joined in the Radio Salaam Shalom studio with two climate change campaigners to talk about – but what else?… What can we do to save the planet? Along for the show’s eco-friendly ride were Christian Aid campaigner… Continue reading
  • Podcast 19 SPECIAL FEATURE: Jews in Bristol – the book July 13, 2009
    A ‘Special Feature’ presented by volunteer presenters Lisa Saffron and Madge Dresser. Today in Bristol, there’s a Muslim population of around 30 000, most of them relatively recent arrivals to the city, having arrived over the last 50 years. This compares to a considerably smaller Jewish community of something around… Continue reading
  • Podcast 18: Women in Islam with Majida Khan [Part1] July 1, 2009
    EMPOWERED MUSLIM WOMEN First in the new series ‘Women in Islam’ presented by volunteer Majida Khan. Oppressed. Behind the veil. Submissive. These are just some of the myths and ideas surrounding Muslim women today. But are Muslim women really limited to this? Is the empowerment of Muslim women a myth,… Continue reading
  • Podcast 17: Faith and Sexuality June 26, 2009
    Presented by volunteer presenters: Tal, Lisa, Javid and Edson. (Lisa Saffron writes…) “True to our mission, Radio Salaam Shalom brings Jews and Muslims together to celebrate, debate and share issues that shape our daily lives. “One of the questions we use to start a dialogue is “What are you most… Continue reading
  • Podcast 16: Peaceful Solutions with Lisa, Danyal and Shabana June 19, 2009
    PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS: BEING PEACE Presented by volunteer presenters Lisa Saffron, Danyal Laskar and Shabana Kausur. Danyel finds out about how exporting fun actually works with UK group ‘Circus2Palestine’. Lisa focuses on ‘Jewish Voices for Peace and the Bethlehem Link, an organisation that brings schoolchildren from Palestine to the UK where… Continue reading […]
  • Podcast 15: Roots of Hatred [Part1] June 12, 2009
    Roots of Hatred [Part1], presented by volunteer presenters Valerie Emmott, Danyal Laskar and Madge Dresser. >This year’s Cannes Film Festival premiered with Up, an innovative 3d animated film using new technologies which will lie at the foundation of future cinema. However, the film which won the prestigious Golden Palm award… Continue reading
  • Podcast 14: Anne Frank + YOU – the exhibition May 29, 2009
    This podcast focuses on Bristol’s very successful hosting of the “Anne Frank + You” touring exhibition. Hear from volunteer presenters Javed and Brendi, who both volunteered as guides for the exhibition, as they share their experiences and thoughts on how this tragic story of the past is still relevant today.… Continue reading
  • Podcast 13: Waasila girls do Spittin Light May 19, 2009
    DJ Lisa Saffron talks to Amal, Sana and Samar of the Waasila young Muslim women’s club. These girls, age 13 to 19 years old, are based at the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society next to our Radio Salaam Shalom studio. Their goals are to make a difference and work together to… Continue reading
  • Podcast 12: Dialogue dividends, Prague, Noa, and Arabesq May 5, 2009
    Radio Salaam Shalom’s studios buzzed with music and chat as host Lisa was joined by Carolyn, Farhan and Danyal. Fresh from a private session with ex ‘Gitmo’ detainee Mozam Baig, Danyal talked about about Guantanamo Bay’s unexpected dialogue dividends. We also hear the music of Noa, the sounds of Andy… Continue reading
  • Podcast 11: Mona Siddiqui March 16, 2009
    There are multiple way of looking at the relationship between two of the world’s largest faiths. While some point to existing even worsening tensions, many who are involved in Christian-Muslim relations understand that the moral and social challenges facing us demand that people place God’s love and mercy at the… Continue reading
  • Podcast 10: Live Muslim-Jewish Hip Hop. February 25, 2009
    Last year some of Radio Salaam Shalom’s team went off to London to shake their stuff to the sounds of the Psychosemitic collective. The intercultural project describes itself as a facilitator of “transformative interaction between Muslim, Jewish and Middle Eastern individuals and communities in the UK”. That’s music, dance and… Continue reading
  • Podcast 9: Gaza and Vision February 4, 2009
    As the latest conflict in Gaza fades from the headlines, we focus on the issue of what lies ahead when the guns fall silent and the reporters go home: is there still a real vision for a peace beyond the destruction? In this podcast, our team of Muslim and Jewish… Continue reading
  • Podcast 8: Gaza and Dialogue January 20, 2009
    As the latest conflict in Gaza fades from the headlines, we focus on the issue of what lies ahead when the guns fall silent and the reporters go home: what’s the vision for a peace beyond the destruction? As the latest conflict in Gaza fades from the headlines, we focus… Continue reading
  • Podcast 7: Javed and Tal January 5, 2009
    A very busy 30 days featuring Hanukka, Christmas, New Year and the beginning of the Muslim year 1430 Al-Hijira. With global attention once again on the Middle East, we provide a timely reminder that fighting is not the only thing happening in today’s world. People are still talking, still interacting,… Continue reading
  • Podcast 6: Dove December 4, 2008
    Eid Mubarak to our Muslim friends! In this drama-centred podcast, Lisa Saffron interviews playwright Sheila Yeger about her newest work, Dove. Dove is a short play with a message of peace. It’s set nowhere in particular but relevant everywhere. Available as part of this podcast as a rehearsed reading, it… Continue reading
  • Podcast 5: Shabs and P Show December 1, 2008
    Peter Brill and Shabana Kausar bring you the latest Muslim and Jewish news. This programme includes: * contributions from the USA as Libby and Len Traubman’s ‘Living Room Dialogues’ share 6 stories of Muslim and Jewish co-operation from all around the world. * Radio Salaam Shalom were at the mid-year… Continue reading
  • Podcast 4: CMJR Seminar November 26, 2008
    The Woolfe Institute of Abrahamic Faiths opened its Cambridge University-based Centre for Muslim and Jewish Relations at around the same time that Radio Salaam Shalom launched in early 2007. Now the 2008 Cambridge Festival of Ideas has provided our two organisations with an excellent opportunity to work together for the… Continue reading

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