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  • Young People’s Festival of Ideas: The Suppressed Majority?
      Young People’s Festival of Ideas: The Suppressed Majority? An event partnership between Salaam Shalom Volunteers, Young Arnolfini and Bristol Festival of Ideas. This is the second series of talks that promise to challenge ideas and provoke debate with a good dose of humour too. Events are open to all, … Continue reading
  • Freedom To Offend: A Path To Conflict?
    This week marked Holocaust Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Remembering the Holocaust protects us all, not just Jews, partly because today we are all minorities and inextricably entwined – whatever affects one directly affects us all, indirectly. In this context we need to consider … Continue reading
  • Not In My Name
    “Isis Not In My Name”
  • Five Muslim Rulers that Saved Jews
    “There is a great history of tolerance within Islam, which states that Jewish citizens of a Muslim state are a protected minority. This article demonstrates this decree of protection by naming five Muslim rulers that saved their Jewish subjects from certain death.”
  • Muslim acts of heroism during the Holocaust
    A publication by Faith Matters, highlighting Muslim acts of heroism during the Holocaust: righteous_muslim
  • Bristol Muslim Shamil Ahmed on Charlie Hebdo
    “1.7+ billion people are being asked to apologise for the actions of two people. TWO PEOPLE who weren’t acting in accordance to Islam in the first place. The only people who were responsible for the deaths on 7th January, were the two men holding the guns, no one else.”

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