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The aim of Salaam Shalom’s Resistance project is to equip young people with the skills and confidence to become active Resistors of prejudice and discrimination, utilising media and the creative arts to analyze processes from bullying to genocide. The project is aimed a


t young people (secondary schools and colleges)

Salaam Shalom have produced a Resistance learning resource pack, to equip teachers in addressing issues around equality and diversity.

Resistance is a creative project that aims to help young people to understand their role and responsibility in preventing prejudice and discrimination in their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Resistance workshops build awareness of the less widely-known experience of disabled people during the Holocaust and makes links with prejudice experienced by young people today. The activities support young people in analysing the roles of ‘Perpetrators’, ‘Victims’ and ‘Bystanders’ and understanding how they can reject these roles and become ‘Resistors’.

Project Objectives:

  • Young people will learn to identify key behaviours of ‘victims’, ‘perpetrators’, ‘bystanders’ and ‘resistors’ in any conflict situation.
  • Young people will become more aware of the wider impact that their attitudes and actions towards prejudice and discrimination can have on society; through analysing historical and contemporary examples.
  • Young people will have identified the most common forms of bullying and discrimination amongst their peers and they will be more motivated to take action to prevent them.
  • Teachers will be equipped with creative resources to support in continuing learning.

Various versions of the Resistance workshop have been delivered to different groups, using similar resources and activities.

Resistance Workshop from salaamshalom on Vimeo.

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