PROUD2B Schools Project
Salaam Shalom’s Proud2B schools project aims to help prevent the development of prejudice and stereotyping, by widening pupils’ intercultural awareness at a vital stage in their development, as they embark on their move to secondary school. They are introduced to a range of creative activities, which also improve their self-esteem and communication.

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Proud2B is a structured five week project for two schools working in partnership.

Pupils from a neighbourhood which does not have a very diverse population are paired with a group of pupils from a neighbourhood which is very diverse. The project enables pupils to use media and the arts to explore more about their own community and then learn more about the community of pupils from their partner school. The project aims to raise inter-community awareness and help prevent the development of prejudices, discrimination and fear of ‘the other’, as pupils embark on their move to secondary schools.

At the end of each project children and staff are asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme;

Feedback from school staff:

“They increased their knowledge of aspects of different religions and gained skills using Photoshop and recording equipment. The children had a fantastic opportunity creating a song lyrically from scratch (they loved that and are very proud of the song)”

“Some children were more animated and participatory than normal. Confidence growth and the biggest benefit was working with children from another school.”

“Good opportunity to mix and share lives outside their own. How lucky they are!”

“I think it’s a great opportunity for our pupils to look outside our community and to meet other pupils- especially for Yr6, prior to moving to secondary school”

Download the Proud2B Information booklet PROUD2B OVERVIEW 2012-13

If you are interested in bringing this project to your school, please email Shabana Kausar; or call 0117 302 0099