Do we need an Islamic State? By Usama Hasan

Do we need an Islamic state? Talk by Usama Hasan Friday 6th December 6pm Bristol Multi-faith Chaplaincy

Islamic State


Ways Forward: Discussion with Dr Richard Stone- [Stephen Lawrence Inquiry]

“Still pursuing the agenda of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry…”

Bristol community anti-racist groups invite you to a discussion with Dr Richard Stone on ways forward, led by a reading from his recently published book of “Hidden Stories of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry”

Monday 15th July 2013 18:00-20:00 The City Academy, The Fielden Theatre, Russell Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9JH

Dr Stone was a panel member of the 1997-99 Stephen Lawrence Inquiry as adviser to the judge, Sir William Macpherson This is the first in a series of visits to each of the six inner city areas visited by the Lawrence Inquiry in 1998.

This is an opportunity for the public to discuss with Dr Stone: Current concerns about racism in Bristol, especially of younger people who were too young to know about the Lawrence Inquiry Report on progress which has or has not been made Identify how we can work together to make the necessary change.

Download further information here: Hidden Stories Invite 15th July 2013

Creative Dialogue: Residential







Click here to listen to a selection of performances and poetry written by young people, recorded at Ammerdown in March 2013

Salaam Shalom and Ammerdown’s creative dialogue residential took a group of young people out of the city, into rural Somerset for four days in March 2013. Young people were provided with the opportunity to participate in a creative programme of activities, that encouraged and provided safe spaces for open and honest dialogue amongst young people from diverse faith and cultural backgrounds.

Salaam Shalom’s approach to intercultural and interfaith dialogue, particularly its work with young people, has always been holistic and creative. The emphasis is to explore individual identity and how faith, culture and community influences and challenges their understanding of others. Young people were encouraged to have dialogue around a range of topics that informed a broader understanding of identity.

Click here to read the responses of three young people to their experiences.

 ‘The feedback was extraordinary. The four days clearly touched everyone in a profound way. They agreed they were leaving as ‘better people’, who had benefited from feeling listened to, but also from learning themselves how to listen ‘truly’ to others and respect different opinions and perspectives… such experiences are rare in our world today: how often do we have the time and opportunity of genuinely, unhurriedly, engaging with people whom we do not usually mix with? Of listening ‘deeply’ to what they wish to tell us, and of being listened ‘deeply’ in return? Of being gifted the chance of seeing the world through different eyes? Of becoming better people through the gentle touch of others?’

Bénédicte Scholefield, Director of The Ammerdown Centre

‘When we were thinking about setting up what became Salaam Shalom in 2006, we said that one significant focus of activities had to be young people, amongst other intercultural aims learning media skills in order to express themselves in new and artistically creative ways.  It’s great that much of our current work programme achieves precisely that.’

Martin Vegoda, Director & Trustee Salaam Shalom



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Through dialogue & education sessions, broadcast media & the creative arts, Salaam Shalom aims to assist young people & people of all ages to develop awareness of their own culture & identity, alongside understanding the culture & identity of others; doing so primarily between Muslim & Jewish communities, but also between them & communities that they are a part of.

We aim to further understanding between communities so that we can help counter & prevent the development of prejudice & intolerance, which can lead to discrimination & hate-crime.

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