Realizing the Philosophy of Fasting.

The blessed month of Ramadan is going on and every Muslim has a desire to get some benefit out of it. It is a blessed month with the philosophy of making someone who fasts become more pious. In addition, create a sense and feeling for all those who are deprived of all these luxurious foods and grandiose drinks that we take for granted. There are many who have a meal today but still have fear weather they will be able to get the next one or not, and there are many who have no other choice than drinking mud water as clean water is not available. At the time when we have strong hunger pangs and feel like all the water inside our body has vanished, we¬† feel for those not so fortunate people and at that time we realise how blessed we are. (more…)

Podcast: Hosseinieh Foundation

The Hosseinieh Foundation – is the only Shia Mosque which represents the Shia Muslim community in Bristol, UK. Situated in a former Church the Mosque only opens for prayer on a Friday lunchtime but is used by the Shia community at weekends for a wide variety of social events.

The aim of the Mosque is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Bristol, UK by advancing education and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the condition of life for the said inhabitants. The Mosque holds 150 men and 200 women. This is the only Mosque that allows female PCSOs into the Mosque during prayers. (more…)



In the latest of our “Inclusive Exclusive” features, four of our Jewish and Muslim team were given an exclusive opportunity to spend time with a high-profile personality whose work puts him on the Jewish/Muslim radar.

Ambassador Prosor was in Bristol for a public speaking engagement with Bristol University’s International Affairs Society. (More on that here).

Listen to our inclusive team’s conversation with the Ambassador as we shared some exclusive time together in a (very noisy) city centre hotel conference room.

Through dialogue & education sessions, broadcast media & the creative arts, Salaam Shalom aims to assist young people & people of all ages to develop awareness of their own culture & identity, alongside understanding the culture & identity of others; doing so primarily between Muslim & Jewish communities, but also between them & communities that they are a part of.

We aim to further understanding between communities so that we can help counter & prevent the development of prejudice & intolerance, which can lead to discrimination & hate-crime.

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