Ways Forward: Discussion with Dr Richard Stone- [Stephen Lawrence Inquiry]

“Still pursuing the agenda of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry…”

Bristol community anti-racist groups invite you to a discussion with Dr Richard Stone on ways forward, led by a reading from his recently published book of “Hidden Stories of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry”

Monday 15th July 2013 18:00-20:00 The City Academy, The Fielden Theatre, Russell Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9JH

Dr Stone was a panel member of the 1997-99 Stephen Lawrence Inquiry as adviser to the judge, Sir William Macpherson This is the first in a series of visits to each of the six inner city areas visited by the Lawrence Inquiry in 1998.

This is an opportunity for the public to discuss with Dr Stone: Current concerns about racism in Bristol, especially of younger people who were too young to know about the Lawrence Inquiry Report on progress which has or has not been made Identify how we can work together to make the necessary change.

Download further information here: Hidden Stories Invite 15th July 2013

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Thank you so much to everyone who came to Discover Me! Many Thanks to M-Shed for supporting this event.

Special thanks to Naif Pierre [M-Shed], Abdul Jamal, YAKEEN, Maz Shar, Vernon Harwood [BBC], Rob Hurford, Ruben Kostucki, Jony Levin, Ruth Hennel, Nawaaz Hussain, Shamil Ahmed, Frank Thomas, Kamola Zakirova & Mina Abassi,  for your contributions!

Thanks to UoB Spotlights Society for your immersive performances held throughout M-Shed on Saturday 11th [Joe Banks, Rose Bonsier, Theo Scholefield, Sophia Pervilhac, Oli Arnoldi, Delphi Lythgoe, Katies O'Leary, Natasha Percival]. And for your performance on Sunday 12th ‘Faces In a Crowd’ [Katie Sherrard, Claudia Jolly, Marrietta Kirkbride, Becky Ripley, Jenny Davies, Rosalind Russell, Henry Lambert, Ed Philips, Lexi Hearth, Imogen Comrie] It was funny, intelligent, moving and contemporary- the audience were captivated!

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Podcast: Hosseinieh Foundation

The Hosseinieh Foundation – is the only Shia Mosque which represents the Shia Muslim community in Bristol, UK. Situated in a former Church the Mosque only opens for prayer on a Friday lunchtime but is used by the Shia community at weekends for a wide variety of social events.

The aim of the Mosque is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Bristol, UK by advancing education and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the condition of life for the said inhabitants. The Mosque holds 150 men and 200 women. This is the only Mosque that allows female PCSOs into the Mosque during prayers. (more…)

Through dialogue & education sessions, broadcast media & the creative arts, Salaam Shalom aims to assist young people & people of all ages to develop awareness of their own culture & identity, alongside understanding the culture & identity of others; doing so primarily between Muslim & Jewish communities, but also between them & communities that they are a part of.

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